Fergusson landowners support project

Letters, Normal

THE chaotic redesign of the Post-Courier seems to have made its editorial staff think they can write anything they like – with no regard for the truth.
The article, “Loggers Curse on Fergusson” on Tuesday (Nov 16), was littered with factual errors.
First, the timber rights permit for East Fergusson is completely legal and currently undergoing a legality audit by Swiss inspection company SGS.
Second, the landowners in the area have voiced their support for the operations, hence, the approval of the project.
Third, the permit is for timber harvesting, not palm oil, making the article’s assertions about palm oil irrelevant.
And finally, Rimbunan Hijau has developed a number of successful oil palm projects in the Asia-Pacific region, contrary to the article’s contention.
Perhaps the Post-Courier should consider redesigning its editorial policy as well as its layout.
Maybe then the sections containing sports, business and good journalism would be easier to find.

Axel Wilhelm
Manager (corporate policy)
Rimbunan Hijau
(PNG) Group