Festivals start

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The National – Friday, July 1, 2011

MANY hands make light work, and the East New Bri­tain community has cer­tainly lightened the load with its overwhelming support for the Warwagira and Mask festivals.
With the festivals starting on the streets of Ko­ko­po, East New Britain,  today, the colourful cultu­ral and mesmerising music will be a true reflection of the committed efforts of the community.
The local business network has banded together as part of strengthening the provincial government’s focus on private-public partnership and has provided much need on the ground support in prepa­ring the venue to welcome performers from every corner of PNG and thousands of local and foreign visitors.
Onlookers from Taku­bar villages, inspired by the collaborative community spirit, joined workers from Vimy plantation, to spruce up the venue at the Tokubar sports field yesterday.
A highlight of the tourism calendar, industry members have long been promoting the two festivals and have welcomed the more united and sustainable approach to the management of the events.
They have realised the importance of fostering the growth of the two events not only as a tourist draw-card but an opportunity to cultivate the culture of PNG.
All those hands wielding bush knives and pushing wheelbarrow over the past few days will be thrown up in the air when celebrations begin today.