Fewer but solid, says Pruaitch of Opposition


OPPOSITION leader Patrick Pruaitch says new developments are expected in the coming days in terms of the consolidation of the alternative government.
Speaking at the launching of the new Opposition website in Port Moresby on Wednesday, he said the remaining 27 members who did not cross the floor “are very solid”.
Pruaitch also took time to farewell the members of the Opposition, most of whom were present with their spouses.
“We have been in the office for five months and I think we have consolidated ourselves,” he said.
“When we first came in we were 46 but as we progressed the tenure of this government some of our friends decided to move on and that’s the name of the game.
“As leader of the alternative government I am proud to say that the remaining 27 are very solid. Most of us are here.
“I think our team and performance in the Budget reply indicates that this team is ready.
“Over the next few days you will see some developments happening in terms of consolidation of the alternative government.
“I want to assure you that we may not have the numbers but working to expose, depose and propose is our agenda as an alternate government.
“Tonight is about farewell and wishing each other a prosperous new year.”