Field markings, work done under supervision


MARKING of fields and other related work for the PNG Games are being done under the close supervision of the PNG Sports Foundation venue management team.
PNG Games sports director John Susuve said preparations for fields and venues were nearly completed with sports competition managers assisting to verify compliance with their international federation requirements.
“All competition games will be played under international federation rules and requirements so they have to work closely with the sports competition managers,” Susuve said.
Marking of the track at Muthuvel Stadium, formerly San Remo Sports Precinct, is going on well and is expected to finish before the opening ceremony tomorrow.
The track and field competition gets underway on November 24 which is a relief for athletics technical officials.
“With the final entries not likely to be known until the teams arrive in Kimbe this will give us time to work on summarising the entries and compile start lists by Wednesday next week” said sports competition manager Philip Kamane.
He urged all athletics co-ordinators  who are not travelling to Kimbe until next week to be sure to submit  their final entries to APNG in advance.
Changes to the timetable will be made when the final entries are known and the programme is likely to be reduced to four days instead of five as a result of  teams being smaller, and only around 12 provinces bringing athletics teams.
Susuve said the host organising committee was adamant that with the assistance of technical experts from Athletics PNG they would complete the marking of the tracks on time.