Fifa film crew to shoot footage on legacy initiatives

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

A FIFA film crew arrives in Port Moresby this week to conduct interviews and film major legacy initiatives that will be launched next week in the lead up to the Fifa Under-20 Women’s World Cup in November.
The legacy programmes ‘Live Your Goals’ and ‘Fifa 11 for Health’ will be launched at the end of this week and the film crew will be capturing footage to use in a documentary to promote this prestigious tournament. In the lead up to the launch of the ‘Live Your Goals’ initiative which will be launched on Sunday, a coaching workshop is being conducted by Fifa instructor Carolina Morace, a former Italian player, coach and football legend, who is now a Fifa technical director.
The workshop which is underway at the Rita Flynn Indoor complex is being attended by coaches from around the provinces to prepare them to take on the ‘Live Your Goals’ programme.
The programme will be rolled out to the four regions in the coming months.
PNG Football Association senior vice-president Linda Wonuhali, who addressed the workshop said the coaching course was a platform through which the legacy programmes would be channelled.
“The coaching course is a way forward for development of football in the country for our women.
Football has gained momentum as a direct result of the upcoming World Cup and we hope more women and girls will be inspired to play  soccer,” Wonuhali said.
“There is already a strong focus on women’s football development in the country and the legacy aspect of maintaining these commitments will be through the implementation of these legacy programmes,” Seamus Marten, chief executive officer of the Local Organising Committee, said.
The ‘Live Your Goal’ campaign will be launched on Sunday coinciding with NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s health initiative, the ‘Walk for Life’ programme.
The “11 for Health” programme will be launched on the July 4.