Fight against cancer just as vital

Letters, Normal

I WRITE on behalf of cancer patients suffering in silence and in great pain.
Since HIV/AIDS came to our shores, everyone has forgotten about cancer.
People are more concerned about the spread of HIV/AIDS than cancer.
I don’t understand why HIV/AIDS has taken precedence because there is no cure whereas people suffering from cancer can be cured.
However, many cancer patients in PNG are dying as there is no dedicated oncology department/ward and facilities in every province.
I have five questions which the concerned authorities should answer:
1. Has PNG forgotten that cancer can be cured?
2. When will our Government include cancer as part of its health agenda?
3. Do we have to continue seeking treatment overseas?
4. Can our MPs and leaders buy machines and medication to treat cancer patients?
5. When will our leaders have trust in our own doctors and provide them with the necessary facilities to conduct research and treat patients?


Abip Kayak