Fight COI gag, Media Council

Letters, Normal

THIS is an appeal to the PNG Media Council to lead a special legal battle to free the media from a suppressive court injunction prohibiting publication of the findings and recommendations of the Finance Inquiry report.
Perhaps all media houses in PNG should contribute some funds and hire a top-notch lawyer to study the court order taken out in Alotau last Saturday and file a petition in the National Court to challenge that decision and have it set aside.
The Community Coalition Against Corruption, Transparency International, PNG Council of Churches, PNG Trade Union Congress, PNG Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Manufacturers Council of PNG, Law Society of PNG and all other professional organisations should come together and pool their financial resources to mount this challenge.
More than K26 million has been spent on the inquiry which produced an 800-page report with 73 recommendations for wholesale changes in the public service machinery to minimise/stop slippages and corrupt activities.
Please get the ball rolling, Media Council.


Yehiura Hriehwazi
Brisbane, Australia