Fight corruption from the top

Letters, Normal

THE fight against corruption must start at the top.
We will not effectively deal with the issue if we continue to pass the buck.
The judiciary and the disciplinary forces must maintain their integrity and uphold their constitutional duties at all times.
When worse comes to worse, the people will find comfort in these institutions.
The Government talks about fighting corruption.
Yes, that’s all very good.
But corruption has reached a stage where it is so deeply entrenched that it requires an overhaul of the whole system and procedure. 
A case in point that I wish to highlight is the arrest of the National Economic and Fiscal Commission chairman Nao Badu.
He has been charged with misappropriation and abuse of position of power.
He was released on a K1,000 bail and asked to report to the Waigani court house every month.
The normal procedure for a senior public servant is for him or her to be suspended from duty with or without pay until the matter is resolved in a court of law.
I am surprised why the chairman is allowed to continue his duties.
Seriously, can someone tell me whose role is it to reprimand such people in high offices?
Is it DPM?
Is it the Prime Minister’s Department?
Is it Public Service Commission?
Do not tell me there is confusion as to who is to do what in Waigani. If so, then PNG is doomed.


Masta Wak
Port Moresby