Fight corruption with tougher legislation


MOST of us seem to confuse ourselves of why the country is not progressing or why corruption is so rampant in the country.
In the midst of our own confusion, we have been blaming every government for corruption and lack of development.
Many are saying that we are to be blamed for electing wrong leaders or accepting bribery and wantok system (who you know) as the root cause of corruption and lack of progress.
In my own understanding, the government is not responsible for corruption or lack of development.
The government is the government of people, by the people and for the people.
It’s only that we have corrupt leaders in the government.
The truth is PNG has a leadership problem.
We must all know time does not change things naturally.
It is man who changes things with time as they desire in their visions and their development plans.
Why is housing still a problem?
Why do we have the highest unemployment rate in the world?
Why do we have chronic law and order problems?
Why is the cost of living so high in this country?
The culprits are the leaders who simply do not have vision to address this problems.
One of the factors causing development stagnation in PNG is corruption. Corruption is defined as the abuse of entrusted power for personal gain, and it is a global phenomenon.
In PNG, corruption is widespread and penetrating all levels of society.
The social and economic effects of it are visible and affect everyone in the country.
This year, 2019, has to be the year to change the course of this country. In order to do so, corruption must be gotten rid of in order for this country to move forward.
We seriously needed to pass tougher legislation to fight corruption.
The Whistle Blowers’ Act is the way to go.

Ian Aima Serege

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