Fight for teachers, they will fight for you


THE Eastern Highlands education division director, on the talkback show with NBC Goroka (Nov 10), mentioned something about agro-technical secondary schools which got my attention.
It is a very good concept for the province and I commend the effort to get this off the ground.
I salute you Mr director but, as an Eastern Highlander, I believe there are things that need to be done first.
They are:

  1. Quality education requires quality teachers – Your administration has done this by conducting a thorough screening of the teachers in the province earlier which is great; and,
  2. Quality teachers in technical fields, especially those that have left the province and/or gone into another industry due to the fact that the officers in the provincial headquarters are not effective enough to attend to their queries and benefits (pay, leave fares etc) because “paper” teachers filled the gazetted positions.

I am indeed happy for the education system restructure but it needs a full system overhaul.
Fix the outstanding problems first, then all things will fall in line.
Get all the sections of the division in line, reach out to the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and fight for your teachers, then your teachers will fight for you in the field to make your goals a reality.
Otherwise, the province will miss out on these goal-oriented technical honest teachers an money-oriented lazy teachers will continue to be spoon-fed, throwing the province’s quality of education down the drain.
My view for your consideration Mr Director.

Technical Teacher

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