Fight immorality and prostitution, says Amet

Lae News, Normal

MADANG Governor Sir Arnold Amet yesterday called on the Evangelical Lutheran church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG), to play its part in stopping sexual immorality, prostitution, stealing, crime and other social problems affecting Papua New Guinea.
Sir Arnold also called on the church leadership from the lowest level to the highest to turn to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the answer to the problems affecting PNG’s development and progress.
He called on the church to strengthen its local congregations ensuring that it could fight prostitution, crime, HIV/AIDS, sexual immorality and other social problems facing the church membership.
“How can we stop crime, corruption, sexual immorality, sex outside marriage and other law and order problems? Sir Arnold asked.
He told the delegates that when the church does its work by reaching out to the sinners, prostitutes and criminals, the way Jesus Christ did, then it would see love in action.
“Go out to the Highways and Byways and save the lost souls,” Sir Arnold told the church.
He told the church to strengthen its local congregations because there was no other way of bringing about change in the church except from the lowest level up.
“We can shoot people but will that bring about change?” he asked.
“The power of the gospel is the answer,” Sir Arnold said.
“So we have to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
“Lives of prostitutes must change through the power of the Gospel,” he said.
Sir Arnold also said the ELCPNG leadership must be transparent, accountable, honest with integrity and humility.
This, he said, was the key to leading God’s people.
When a leader has no honesty, integrity and righteousness then the church of God suffers.
He told the church the challenge was for it to clean up its own house, warning its leaders not to show pride and selfishness in leadership but show humility in leading the people.
Sir Arnold told the church leaders to do away with their identity, income and influence and be humble in serving God.