Fight in Western Highlands


LIVES are continuously butchered over this fight in Western Highlands.
There are reports of machine guns and other high-powered weapons are in use.
Does the country’s’ law enforcers know?
Does the provincial governor, provincial member, provincial law and order committee know?
If those in authority know it and having not done anything and yet when another live and property goes down, over this, another person, in the neighbourhood may go down to chops for the dogs, as seen recently of merciless killings on any neighbouring tribes because of a false confidence by tribes possessing machine guns.
There needs to be condoning of this development in the strongest terms, and our State on behalf of the majority decent citizen needs to rise up against merciless Rambo killers.
This is possible a situation facing many tribes sin the highlands, and the I appeal the new government to look in to this soon as practicable and bring to justice where it is due.

Very concerned citizen

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