Fight to become MPs will be intense

Letters, Normal

THE Maladina amendment is the main issue today.
Here are some scenarios that could happen over the next five to 10 years if the powers of the Ombudsman Commission were to be curbed:
* Corruptions, greed, bribery, misuse of public funds will be unimaginable because politicians and so-called leaders are immune to the power of Ombudsman Commission; 
* Business-oriented and self-centred leaders will be going all-out to enter Parliament. For them, becoming a politician is important because they will have easy access to millions of kina from electorate funds to fulfil their dreams;
* Individual interest overrides public interest and obligation of providing public services to the people will be a secondary goal to owning a business as MP;
* More chaos during election times, as candidates will do whatever they can to attain “the pot of gold” waiting for each MP;
* High tendency for parliamentarians in key economic positions to make decisions based on types of public investment that will suit their private business interests and goals;
* As gap between rich and poor widens, politicians may not make PNG as their homeland and they will be considering other countries as their safe haven; and
* Politicians will own business entities and their own lives will be at risk because they will be regarded as businessman. They will be experiencing the same security concerns as ordinary businessman today.
On the other hand, if Moses Maladina wants to be fair to the people of Papua New Guinea and the OC, then I challenge him to also introduce a bill called “whistle blower protection act”.
It means individuals or groups who spill the beans on politicians and bureaucrats are protected from threats and any form of harassments by the accused.
This may be the “level playing field”.


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