Fighting crime is everyone’s job, says Badili police

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PREVENTING crime can only be achieved through partnership, according to the new Badili Police Station Commander, Senior Sergeant Bill Werake.
Werake said police cannot fight crime alone and need the support of the wider community, including businesshouses and the media.
He is appealing for support from the Badili and nearby communities to work with police on the war against crime.
“We cannot fight crime, we cannot police or maintain law and order on our own accord as an entity as police because it is impossible,” he said. “We need the support from everyone of us, from businesshouses, community leaders and the people as well as the media, we need your support.”
Werake said that without a conducive environment there would be no progress, so one of his priorities was to encourage proactive policing.
“Policemen, we need to pull our socks up, he said.
“We have to go back to the basics.
“I will not promote you unless you prove to me that you are ready to be promoted, but it is time that we need to improve our image, our self-confidence, appearance at the counter, on and off duties, and maintain self-discipline,” he said at a welcome ceremony yesterday.
Werake served as Badili commander two years ago and has again been reassigned to the post by Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou.

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