Fighting demons a job for churches


THE practice of sorcery and witchcraft is a spiritual matter more than a physical one. The problem, therefore, needs spiritual solutions.
The government needs to invest in the training of pastors and ministers of all religions in Papua New Guinea so that sorcery education can be done through the churches.
It is a big issue but I will cover it briefly.
When a person surrenders his or her soul to demons, the demons take possession of the soul and drive that person like a car to do evil things for the demons (the demons’ intention is to kill and destroy others).
It is exactly the same when a person turns to Christ and surrenders his or her soul to God; the Spirit of Christ fills that person’s soul and drives that person to show the character of God.
Therefore, when we decide to harm a person who has been practising sorcery we succeed in destroying only the body (the car) and not the demon (the driver who drives the body).
The only remedy or treatment for a person who possesses the spirits of sorcery and witchcraft is to surrender to the spirit of Christ.
Therefore, it’s important for the government of the day to assist ministers and pastors of all churches to salvage our most vulnerable people in the society, like widows, young girls, lonely men and abandoned wives who practise sorcery and witchcraft.

Paul Titus