Fighting in Lae should stop


TO the settlers living in Busurum and Hunta compounds in Lae, Morobe, please stop fighting.
Have some respect for the women and children and the Evangelical Lutheran church of PNG headquarters, which is located in the area.
Institutions such as the Martin Luther Seminary and Balob Teachers College are located nearby.
Busu Secondary School, a highly-rated grade 10 and 12 performing school, is nearby as well.
Ethnic clashes should not be supported in towns and cities.
We are progressing into a modern era where developments are increasing.
That is why the way we do things and behave should reflect the change if we want to live peacefully.
Stop behaving like animals.
I do not support behaviours that cause disturbances in our communities.
We have witnessed and heard stories of such fights.
Fights do not help us in anyway.
The only thing we get are injuries, deaths, damaged properties, loss of businesses and a sad situation.
I am calling on the fighting sides to engage themselves to cease fighting.
Make peace and engage in business activities.
You have the power to enjoy and improve your living standards.
Fighting won’t help you get anywhere.

Gisuwat Siniwin,