Fighting is bad


IT is sad news of the recent clashes between the Manam Islanders at the Care Centre and the locals of Bunabum.
Truly it is something uncalled for.
Firstly, we as Aigobians joined voices to condemn such clashes, killing and destruction of properties and causing unrest for our community which could have not happened and escalated to that extend.
We are no longer living in the past but have ventured into the modern community having family links spreading out into all parts of Bogia through intermarriage, family friends, school mates, history, etc.
Such fighting is seen as killing ourselves, killing our own families, killing our relatives, etc
Look at the towns and cities, we live together as one Bogia people by sharing our cultures and identity and we don’t harm one and other and why should we turn-out against each other.
Such clashes, loss of lives and distraction of properties is really defacing the spirit of love and care.
We are proud Aigobians uniting in the spirit of TAKASI, the paramount union among Yabu, Yawar and Almami.
Such should have been prevented many years back if only the authorities have done the right thing.
Now we have the MRA restoration exercise at its peak which we all are waiting for but again the very fund of K6 million purposed for the exercise have been diverted again by our very own provincial government/ authorities.
We have another proposed allocation of K20 million by the national government hanging loose somewhere in the blues.
What’s going on, can the provincial authorities come clear on this to inform us the people of Bogia.
Now we the people of the same district are turning up against each other due to the prolong delays of something which could have been done longtime ago.
We join voices to call upon the authorities and the leaders to quickly move into the trouble areas and restore peace & harmony to people of Bunabun and Manam Islanders at the care centre.
Finally we call upon our provincial authorities, and Governor Peter Yama to recall the diverted fund of K6 million immediately and have the MRA restoration exercise speed its way to prevent such cases in the future.

Jerry Ambali, Lae