Fiji’s new high commisioner to PNG to arrive this week

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The Nationa, Monday July 16th, 2012

FIJI’S newly-appointed high commissioner to Papua New Guinea Romanu Tikotikoca has been farewelled by the foreign ministry.
He is expected to leave the country this week.
Fiji foreign ministry permanent secretary Saipora Mataikabara reminded Tikotikoca he was part of one body – the ministry and government of Fiji.
“How well we do the tasks allocated to each and every one of us directly impacts the whole,” Mataikabara said.
“We are all part of the one body.
“The success or struggles of one affects us all. It is, therefore, important that as we do our work, we keep the big picture in mind.
“I hope all of us here will see our individual responsibilities in the same light.
“We are here to build a progressive Fiji through partnership with the international community which is our vision as a ministry.”