Fijian teams up with Telikom’s elites

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THE national telecommunication company, Telikom PNG Ltd is undergoing major re-organisational changes due to challenges presented by the introduction of competition and regulatory changes.
In a statement, it said, as part of its capacity re-building exercise, it was recruiting key executives for senior management positions.
The latest addition to its senior executive management team is Fijian Taito Tabaleka, who is chief operating officer (COO). 
He was the former chief executive officer for Telecom Fiji Ltd (TFL) and was instrumental in the business transformation of TFL in leading and driving
positive organisational changes during the 2007 to 2009 period when
TFL was facing stiff and intense competition. 
Mr Tabaleka brings to Telikom PNG and its senior management team wealth of 27 years experience in the telecommunications industry.
He is joined in PNG by his wife Lupe Tabaleka and their three children.