Filipino dead, four jump for their lives

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A FILIPINO man died inside a store in Kimbe, West New Britain when the store burnt down on Sunday at around 2.30am.
West New Britain acting police commander Snr Insp Daniel Yangen confirmed that the man died inside the store but four others jumped to safety by leaping from the roof.
He said the four who jumped were a Filipino, a Papua New Guinean, who was the guard, and two Asians.
He said police went to the scene to confirm the death.
Snr Insp Yangen said police were investigating the death and the cause of the fire.
He said Arrow Trading that burnt was owned by Asians and was located at Kimbe town.
“I am now calling on the property owners and the building board and the health inspectors in the province to do their job to inspect the building,” he said.
“Since I was posted to Kimbe in 2018, I have witnessed four buildings burning to ashes and that is not right.”
He said the fire service and police helped people during the fire and it showed that most of the buildings were old.

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  • Burning of building has been a huge problem in our country. Few months ago, another iconic building was burnt to aches in Madang town. And in the previous years we have heard and seen most of the buildings being burnt in some of our emerging cities in our country like, Lae and Mt. Hagen. Report had confirmed that most of the kai bar and food mart had caused these burnings. Why not the building board inspect and remove all the kai bar and food mart in the heart of every cities and town in the country?

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