Film showing environment from bird’s, human’s views

The composer and performer on the original Voices of the Rainforest cassette and now in the film is Bona singer Ulahi Gonogo, photographed here in 1990 while singing at her favourite creek near Bona village.
Steven Feld first began learning about Bosavi birds and their songs in 1976 from Bona forest expert Yubi Meyo.

THE Bosavi Peoples Fund and people of Bona village, Bosavi, will be presenting Voices of the Rainforest, A Day in the Life of Bosavi tomorrow at the University of Papua New Guinea new lecture theatre.
The film is about Bosavi culture and environment in Southern Highlands. The film shows the Bosavi environment both from a human’s and bird’s points of view.
It follows the song maps sung for work, relaxation and ceremony, as well as performances of susap and kundu.
The film does not have any dialogue and does not follow a drama or story. Instead, it invites the audience to experience the sights and sounds of Bosavi at all times of day and night, along with the music Bosavi people make with, to, and about their place.
On hand to discuss the film will be Bambi Schieffelin and Steven Feld, who have studied the Bosavi language since the 1960s and colloborated with Hilda Degelo, Deina Hewaba, Kulu Fuale, Honowo Degeli and Ayasilo Heina to produce the Bosavi-Tok Pisin-English Dictionary for Australian National University (ANU) Press.
Feld has also worked with the Institute of PNG studies since the 1970s.