Finance inquiry report to gather dust?

Letters, Normal

With the Finance inquiry completed and the report presented to the Prime Minister, I am just wondering how much of the recommendations in this 800+ pages will be implemented.
As far as past such inquiries are concerned, this report too will be swept under the carpet in the PM’s Office in Waigani.
Political leadership of this country is too weak when it comes to issues of transparency and accountability.
This is because most of our political leaders and senior bureaucrats have “dirty hands” and will not dare to take actions against their colleagues in fear of it backfiring.
These are the minority of individuals taking the people’s mandate and trust to use it for their selfish greed.
But the question is, is it worth spending millions of kina of public funds into this COI only to reveal the truth but not taking actions against people and/or institutions involved?
I call on the Prime Minister to refer those implicated in this report to the police and public prosecutor for criminal charges and let us take a strong stand against those involved in abusing and stealing public funds. 
Otherwise, we can only pray that God will punish them after death!


Franco Wawen
Via email