Finance Minister hails success of ACP summit

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The National,Friday June 3rd, 2016

PAPUA New Guinea can stand proud that in the face of many challenges it successfully hosted the 8th ACP heads of state and government summit in Port Moresby this week, Finance Minister James Marape says.
Marape, as the delegation of ministers head at the summit, made the following observation:
“Firstly, our citizens must be proud that we hosted a world class meeting that was attended by presidents, vice presidents, prime ministers and ministers of the 79-member countries from Africa, Pacific and Caribbean island nations.
“Led by our Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and our foreign minister and all civil servants, our country showed once again that we can step up when required.
“Full commendation to our team for delivering success in hosting a world-class meeting that embraced leaders of 800 million people of the world. As global dynamics of commerce, trade and politics shift, PNG must find its position in the world.
“In a contemporary world where commerce and business become more real and possible in an e-commerce and cyber-technology market place, PNG has exposed our ability to relate to new market places.
“The world is getting smaller through Internet technology and going into the future, our nation’s ability to be food supplier through agriculture and fisheries cannot be overlooked.
“This event is a litmus test to our ability to host world class international events.
“The last two weeks, we have had international soccer, international cricket and international leaders’ forum. In those events you will forget what part of PNG you come from but one people under the PNG flag.
“We have 2017 to host the world rugby league cup pool matches here and 2018 to host APEC hence our nation continues to send positive vibes internationally. I know we have many development challenges and as a nation our collective efforts to advance our country’s development must be our collective and citizenship obligation.”

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