Financial course a success

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A HOMEMAKER has described a course called “game of money” as the “missing link to the development of individuals” to make them financially independent and sustainable.
Kiteni Bumalom, a former bank employee, said she had never come across such course and recommended it to every one regardless of educational background.
She was one of the 15 participants who graduated last Thursday from the two-week “game of money” course.
The “game of money” course is a follow-up of the “personal viability” course conducted by the Entrepreneurial Development Training Centre.
Facilitator and master trainer Paul Wiau said the course taught people how to “use” money to gain financial independence instead of spending it unnecessarily.
He described it as on-the-job-training and said competence came with being practical.
The students were divided into three groups and were given a starting capital of K100 each.
They were asked to build up on that capital by applying what they learnt.
In a week, they  came up with a total of K5,946.95.
Mr Wiau described this as a success story and challenged the participants to apply these skills at home with their family members.
The participants, eight women and seven men, all expressed their appreciation and said the course really explained business in simple terms for “grassroots”.
The course also helped the students formulate and understand cash flows and financial reporting.
This will be handy if they need to get a bank loan.
When asked how she felt after taking the course, Mrs Bumalom described herself as being “at the top of the world and fully equipped”.