Financial and technical capabilities lacking


POLITICAL independence does not guarantee true independence.
True independence is when economic independence is achieved.
Only then can we see true development and real progress in a nation like Papua New Guinea.
So far, from observation, we have been lacking in two things: financial capabilities and technical capabilities.
As observed over time, governments were running the nation on ‘paper budgets’, which had no value in the national coffers.
This means it was not within means as projected, therefore,not capable to proceed.
As a result, most projects were never done, incomplete, underfunded or even carried forward.
Secondary to that, governments over time failed to send citizens to be trained in countries like USA, Japan, China and the UK.
This included training in the fields of engineering, scientific research, technological designs, using our raw minerals for medicinal drugs, clothing and others,
As a result, we will continue to import and hire expatriates because they have both capacities, which we lack.
We will continue to lose big time because of these two limiting factors.

M Raire Bayu
Garibz Original

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