Find other sources for city’s water supply


WHAT have our city planners and engineers done in the past 45 years to solve the ongoing water crisis in the capital city?
In your planning, did you ever forecast on population increase, expansion of private homes and business, public amenities, schools, institutions, hospitals, hotels, airports and wharves?
Our planners and leaders have been too dependent on Sirinumu dam for far too long, not realising that the dam has outlived its usefulness since the colonial times.
The dam would not be able to cater for the growing demands of the city today.
We failed to realise these hard facts.
Is Sirinumu dam the only source of water for the city?
We paint a false picture to foreigners and visitors who come to live and work in Port Moresby that Sirinumu is the only source of fresh water to the city.
We have a neighbouring province which has abundant rainfall every year with lots of rivers and tributaries, waterfalls, lakes, creeks that never run dry.
Can we not tap into Gulf province and utilise this God-given resource to sustain the water needs of the growing population in the city?
If we have a modern link that connects Port Moresby and Gulf, what is it so hard to lay water pipes from Gulf to Port Moresby?
International donors, financiers and foreign missions stand ready to assist projects that benefit the masses.
Over to you Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta, Central Governor Robert Agarobe, National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop and Housing and Urban Development Minister and Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko for your consideration and action.


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