Find out the real culture of chewing

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013

 I WRITE in reply to Sambak Tai’s letter on the betel nuts ban published in The National on Oct 3.

I am an occasional buai chewer and live the culture he speaks of.

His discussion points were out of order.

He used generalisations to stereotype Papua New Guineans.

He said we will always be who we are ­- chewers, drinkers and smokers. 

I want to say that these are not part of our culture, but habits which are dependent on each individual.

He says visitors from other countries will not want to see a falsified scenario. 

I do not understand what he is trying to get across in that statement. 

Our governor is not banning betel nuts – he is regulating the chewing and selling of the beloved buai.

Powes Parkop was forced to introduce the ban because of those people who did not know how to chew it and created filth and rubbish.

I have seen the oldtimers chew betel nuts and swallow their spittle. 

One may think it is disgusting to swallow chewed betel nuts.

But that was the real PNG way of chewing betel nuts.


Bush, Via email