Find ways to settle OHE debts

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the report in The National about Office of Higher Education (OHE) trying to recoup K6.6 million from outstanding loans given to students between 2000 and 2007.
I appreciate the initiative taken to assist students.
It has helped students excelled academically and many of them are now professionals enjoying a higher standard of living.
However, where were the OHE officers beginning in 2001?
They should have started laying the foundation to recover the money.
This only showed how incompetent, incapacitated and unprofessional this office is in managing taxpayers’ money.
The OHE cannot give excuses and rely on the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) to recoup the money.
I believe many of us are keen to repay the loans.
Unless OHE is organised, I do not expect students to chase OHE officers after graduation to repay the loans as their minds are set on seeking employment.
Grace Wii is one in a million who took the initiative to repay her loan (Oct 13).
Good on her, but she had to go after the OHE officials to settle her debts.
That should not be the case.
So let’s stop pointing fingers and work together to recoup these outstanding money for the benefit of our future tertiary students.


Yutz Yet