Finschhafen fears cholera outbreak

Lae News, Normal

THE Finschhafen district in Morobe is on high alert as two people have died and 30 patients are reported to be suffering from what is believed to be cholera.
The areas most affected are the Yambong village and catchments surrounding the area, according to health workers.
They said the clinical case definition showed that these patients could be suffering from cholera, but this had yet to be confirmed.
Since last week, patients were reporting to the Braun Hospital whose workers notified the provincial health office.
A team of health workers were sent to the district last Friday, equipped with health supplies. 
Officers at the provincial health office said officers were yet to return with lab samples, to  send to Port Moresby to determine the cause.
Meanwhile, district health programme adviser Veronica Waffi said the current cumulative total of suspected cholera cases for the district was now 112.  
She said poor personal hygiene and environmental hygiene had led to the spread of the virus throughout the district.
She said health workers in the district were doing their best provide awareness to educate the villagers of safe and healthy practices.
The affected districts to date are Lae, Huon Gulf, Markham and Finschhafen.
Cholera outbreaks in other affected districts have been successfully contained.