Finschhafen launches SME programme to support locals


FINSCHHAFEN MP Renbo Paita has launched a small to medium enterprise (SME) programme for the Finschhafen Urban local level government (LLG) on Monday with a donation of K385,000.
Paita told the recipients of the SME programme that the district development authority (DDA) would roll out the programme to the seven LLGs starting with Finschhafen Urban and ending with Kotec LLG.
The National Planning and Monitoring minister said the SME programme rollout was a government initiative in partnership with the DDA.
He said the idea was to empower the people to start small businesses that could support them, strengthen their communities and improve the district and provincial economy.
“The district’s focus now is to empower people to start their own businesses and the SME programme funds is a seed capital to help people grow their businesses,” Paita said.
Paita said the money was for those who submitted valid proposals for funding.
He said the state’s funding was for the people.