Fire leaves seven families homeless

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SEVEN families are homeless after a fire razed their homes in Saraga at Six-Mile in Port Moresby yesterday.
The family members were asleep when the fire started at 2am.
The cause of the blaze is unknown.
Flames fanned by strong winds caused the fire to spread quickly.
Jimmy Evava, who stays in one of the rooms in the house, said: “There was nothing I and the others could do.
“There was no chance for us to salvage anything because the fire spread too fast.
“We only saved ourselves and the children.”
House owner and the spokesman for the seven families from Wabag, Jeffery Tuli, said he had built the house for the families to make a living by operating small markets and for his wife to manage his trade store adjacent to the house.
“I am disappointed and sad but am relieved that no one was injured and no life was lost,” he said.
The seven families lost their possessions and money totaling about K15,000 which included TV sets, DVD players, a new fridge and other valuables.
When the Fire Service arrived at the scene, the house was already razed.
The families appealed to the public for donations in cash and kind because they are now left with nothing.
Those who wish to help can contact Jeffery Tuli (769 33586), Ruth Kaita (718 30132) or James Jeffery (728 80154).