Fire razes homes, properties in WHP

National, Normal

The National, Monday, May 2, 2011

EIGHT families have lost two semi-permanent buildings, a trade store, a bush material house and property worth more than K11,000 in a fire last Tuesday.
The blaze started at 3pm at Kingalrui village, just outside Mt Hagen, Western Highlands. 
Victim and property owner Ruben Anis, from the Moge Akelika clan, said his family had experienced a terrible disaster and great loss.
Anis said apart from losing his property, he also lost tools like a Router machine, heavy duty drill, butterfly machine and television sets.
He said the trade store had goods worth more than K2,000 and some cash.
Anis said the families were not at home when the fire started from the bush material house and spread to the other houses.
He said they were shocked and had yet to establish the cause.
Anis said everyone needed a house and his family would suffer for months.
He said it was a disaster that caught them by surprise.
Anis was appealing for help from the national and provincial disaster offices.
He said this was a first blaze of its kind in Kingalrui village.