Fire victim wants probe

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The National, Wednesday 22nd August 2012

A MAN who lost his entire property in a fire during an ethnic clash at 3-Mile in Lae city is still waiting for police to carry out an investigation.
Victim Daniel Tende of Pangia, in Southern Highlands, raised concerns yesterday, saying police were yet to carry out formal investigations into the fire that destroyed his home.
The incident happened last month when disgruntled relatives of a man, who was allegedly killed, went on a rampage and burnt down three permanent houses at Three Block, including Tende’s property.
He said the suspect was arrested and locked up in Mt Hagen police station from where he fled.
The arsonists were still walking around freely at 3-Mile area. 
Police personnel from the Criminal Investigating Division at Lae central station said due to police involvement in the election, all police cases were shelved.
A police officer who requested anonymity said: “We are currently working round the clock on the serious cases. I think this individual has the right to raise concern but he or she should also understand the shortage of police manpower.”
This did not go down well with Tende who claimed that there was police negligence in the first place when his residential property was burnt down.
“It was a NHC property worth K150,000. Personal items and household appliances K17,000 and educational credentials were also destroyed,” he said.