Firecrackers up the pants burn legs of detainee

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A POLICE officer in Madang is reported to have lit two small fire crackers inside a detainee’s pants which caused burns to his lower body last week.
Detainee Berry Akura appeared before Justice David Cannings at the National Court in Madang on Friday.
He was one of the 36 detaineesat the Jomba cell allowed to go home.
Akura was injured and could not walk properly because both his legs were sore from alleged police beatings.
His lower body needed treatment for the burns.
The court was told that Akura and, 35, others had been detained at the Jomba police lockup for more than 48 hours without being charged.
Justice Cannings ordered their release on human rights grounds.
He also issued warrants and ordered that 17 detainees be transferred to the Beon Correction Centre.
The court was told that some of the detainees had been charged and awaiting their court appearance.
Others who had appeared in court were waiting for their warrants to reach the Beon Correction Centre.
Public solicitor Agnes Meten told Justice Cannings that there were four toilets inside the cells but only one was functioning.
There was only one light and the floor was damp and stinking.
The cells was holding the 92 detainees on Dec 1 when court officials inspected it.
The inspection report prompted Cannings to issue the order for police to allow the solicitor-general, public prosecutor and public solicitor to interview the inmates.
The detainees were interviewed and appeared in court on Friday and Saturday.