Firm achieves recertification


PUMA Energy has achieved its recertification of business operations required under the International Organisation for Standardisation.
Country manager Jim Collings said the achievement indicated that Puma’s business operations were safe and efficient.
“We have just had the recertification of our ISO standard for our business.
As a company and an industry leader, and a long-term investment in PNG, we see it as critical not only for our business but for the country as a whole,” Collings said.
Regional health safety and environment manager Alan Watson said they had been working on it for quite some time.
“The certifications are important to us as Puma Energy PNG and Puma Energy worldwide,” he said.
“Our people are very proud of what they do we wanted to be a business that stood out against the rest as an industry leader.
“Through the dedication and hard work, we now hold the four certifications (which) allow us to sustain the highest standard for the construction of our news tanks at the refinery around the country for our equipment, maintenance and reliability of our infrastructure.
“Receiving the four certifications is a proud testimony to that in PNG and across the region. As industry leaders, we set an example of how those high standards can create a dynamic and successful company.”