Firm aims to improve services for Ahi people

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CHILDREN from the six villages in the Ahi LLG in Morobe will now be benefiting from education and health services that will promote community policing following the signing of the trust deed in Lae on Wednesday.
Chairperson of the recently established Prudential Development Limited Nelly Mclay outlined during the ceremony that the priority target areas that the PDL aims to achieve were education and human resource development, law and order and village community projects under the Ahi Foundation.
The six villages are Butibam, Hengali, Kamkumung, Wagan, Yanga and Yalu.
“Our vision is to give an opportunity to our Ahi children to develop through education and completing their tertiary education and at the same time up-hold law and order and creating projects that should benefit each community,” Mclay said.
“We want to promote healthy lifestyles and increase enrolment of Ahi children in all levels of education and increase the performance of the students so that a lot more students have the opportunity to get into tertiary institutions.”
Mclay said she looked foward to working with the Ahi Foundation and Ahi Investment Ltd in the next three years to unite the people of Ahi who would initiate change for the future benefit of the Ahi people and the province and country.
The Ahi Hope Foundation is a charity initiative of Ahi Company Riback Stevedores Ltd aimed at improving not only the lives of our Ahi villagers but also the social, economic and spiritual wellbeing of everyone in Morobe.
One such area it can assist is through education.