Firm backs haus krai move

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The National, Thursday 16th May 2013

 A BUSINESS house is supporting women in the country and organisations committed to fighting violence against women.

Higaturu Oil Palms, part of the New Britain Palm Oil Ltd, said in a statement on Tuesday that it supported the Women Arise organised national haus krai which condemned violence against women and children.

“We agree that there has been a significant increase in the reported cases on violence against women since the beginning of this year and that we cannot continue to ignore these inhumane acts.  

“We note with concern that perpetrators of this violence are mainly men, supported by economic, social, cultural and religious systems of society.

“We believe that meaningful wealth creation that can impact positively on communities can come about when men and women respect each other and desist from all kinds of violence against each other.

“We also know that there is a lot of violence against women and children in the communities we work in – be they employees or contractors, growers – that goes unreported.”

The company has committed to fight violence against women by addressing it through the Higaturu Oil Palm gender committee working with government and civil society and implementing policies that promote gender equality at the workplace.