Firm: Conduct awareness

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013


A RESOURCE developer has urged the Government to conduct greater awareness among landowners so that they understand how the industry works.

Kina Petroleum Ltd country manager John Chan said some landowners were fed wrong information and that created problems between them and resource developers.

He was responding to allegations by a landowner company, Amai Amung, in the Rai Coast, Madang, that Kina Petroleum overlooked its agreement to farm out its interest.

Chan said the Government should concentrate more on carrying out awareness in areas identified for mineral resource development.  

“Farming out interest is a long procedure which starts with writing up proposals,” Chan said.

“We haven’t received any proposal from Amai Amung. 

“We don’t pick out companies to give out interests. 

“They go through the procedures set up by the Government under the Oil and Gas Act. 

“These proposals are then screened by the departments of petroleum and environment and can be turned down if they do not meet the requirements.

“We know the importance of the government’s policy which encourages the people to own and manage their own resources. 

“And unless they follow the right procedure we cannot help them.”

Kina Petroleum Ltd met yesterday with provincial government officials and landowners in Madang to discuss issues regarding the development of the resource.