Firm gives equipment to general hospital

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 RECOGNISING the important aspect of peoples’ wellbeing, Petromin PNG Holding Limited has come to the aid of Port Moresby General Hospital’s physiotherapy section with much needed equipment. 

The gesture was to give attention to physical therapy (physiotherapy) as an important aspect of health as in recent times so much focus had been concentrated on other health and lifestyle diseases.

In a low key ceremony at the hospital’s psychotherapy ward, Petromin corporate affairs staff led by general manager, Sam Inguba and manager John Mosoro presented two desktop computers, a printer, a microwave oven, 12 bath towels and 12 plastic chairs. A cervical traction unit (bed) and an infra-red lamp will be delivered at a later date.

Presenting the items, Inguba said: “Petromin sees that physiotherapy is one important area that requires attention at the major national referral hospital. 

“Though it’s very small, we show how much we care for the well being of our people and this small presentation signifies Petromin’s commitment to health care in the country, especially its future generation.”

A jubilant chief physiotherapist, Dr Michael Wilson acknowledged Petromin’s gesture and said this was not the first time the company had recognised the importance of physiotherapy at the hospital. 

“Petromin has come to our aid once and this signifies the important relations we have and more so the importance of physiotherapy,” he said. 

“We are grateful for the assistance and thank Petromin on behalf of our director and hospital chief executive officer. We look forward to continued support from you and hope to help many people as much as we can.”