Firm gives K2,000 to health division

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 20th December 2011

THE Chimbu provincial health division has received K2,000 from locally-owned Oxford First Aid Supplies to support its end of the year performance review meeting in Kundiawa.
Provincial health assistant advisor Caine Tommy received the cash from Oxford First Aid Supplies Goroka branch manager Feo Metta in Goroka last Friday.
Metta stressed the importance of the private and public sectors collaborating to achieve the common goals of serving the people and improving their quality of life.
He said the Chimbu provincial health division had been a major client of the company and they felt obliged to help.
“On behalf of Oxford First Aid Supplies, I present the money to assist in your meeting,” Metta told Tommy.
Tony Warigiso, a senior staff with the company, reiterated the importance of networking in partnership with government agencies to serve the people.
“This is putting into practice the private-public partnership concept to help serve the people. We are committed to working with any government agency and other organisations to bring development and services to the people.”
He thanked the provincial health division for doing business with them over the years and hoped the good relationship would continue.
Tommy thanked the company, describing the gift as a timely Christmas present.
He said they were planning a yearly performance review meeting in Kundiawa last week but had that been postponed to this week because of a death in the division.

Other business houses that responded with support for the performance review meeting were Goroka Didiman Hardware, Ela Motors, Endeavour Stationery and PNG Toner Ink.
Oxford First Aid Supplies earlier supplied over K1 million worth of medical equipment for the new Chuave District Hospital, in Chuave district, Chimbu Province.