Firm praises drivers

National, Normal

The National, Monday December 16th, 2013

 A TRUCKING company owner has praised the sacrifice and dedication of his drivers, saying they are the firm’s ambassadors.

Mapai Transport managing director, Jacob Luke hosted a dinner for the drivers in Lae to thank them for their efforts.

Luke said drivers were always regarded as thieves and bad employees because they often steal company properties such as fuel, tyres and tools.

But his firm regarded them as assets and its greatest ambassadors as they fly the company flag on the rugged terrains and treacherous roads they had to travel through.

Luke hosted the dinner and presented them with certificates. He said if you look after them well in terms of pay and other incentives, they would do their bit to help the company grow.

He has introduced incentives for his drivers such as:

  • Cease paying allowance prior to the trip but pay them fortnightly on top of their pay;
  • provide housing allowance of K300;
  • financial assistance to drivers who have worked for the company for between five to 10 years to build their homes; and,
  • Allow senior highway drivers to recruit new drivers, train and discipline them as and when required.