Firm showcases products

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The National, Monday November 2nd, 2015

 THE annual trade show for Bishops was held last Tuesday in Lae, to showcase new innovative products that are on the market to suit PNG conditions.

Bishops Lae branch manager Brad Watson said it was to display products from suppliers who fly in to demonstrate their equipment, products and services.

“These are Australian suppliers and it’s easy for them to get in here” Watson said.

“We have big names like FlexOvit, Stilts, Bosch tools, Mummy tools, Premium CIG Weld and SKF Bearing Supplies plus brands which are from our own import programme.”

He said the company was passionate about the industry in Lae.

“It’s about our customers coming along, look at some products, equipments we are selling and ask the suppliers for some technical expertise and questions on the products.”


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