Firm signs deal to complete chancery

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The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013

 CONSTRUCTION work on the Pa­pua New Guinea chancery in Honiara, Solomon Islands, is set to continue to completion after the Government signed a deal with a local company. 

Local contractor Lamana Development signed the contract yesterday at Government House along with Foreign Affairs Deputy Secretary Alexis Maino and Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio. 

Lamana Development, backed by the Government with K18.82 million, will complete the project after Solomon Islands’ Transworld Construction failed to after being  contracted to do so three years ago.  

Lamana Development general ma­nager John Robertson said project work would start soon.

The signing of the contract follows Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s promise to the neighbouring island nation that the PNG Government would see its completion. 

Transworld Construction was initially given K9 million by the Government in 2009 to build the chancery in Honiara.

Construction was delayed in 2010 because the money ran out.

Robertson said the procurement of material would mainly be from PNG.

Projects manager Jackson Zabala confirmed the project would take up to 21 months.

Robertson said Lamana Development was excited to be given the  chance to complete the project.