Firm stops Chinese workers from going home


THE Ramu NiCo management (MCC) Ltd has temporarily stopped its Chinese employees from travelling home for their leave because of the coronavirus outbreak.
Vice-president of Ramu NiCo, Wang Baowen, said employees who had completed their leave were told to remain in China “until further notice”.
“(Leave for) our Chinese employees have been cancelled since Jan 20 until further notice. Those who (are to) return from their break have been advised to stay back in China until further notice.
“We are communicating with the Chinese Embassy in Port Moresby and we understand a statement will be delivered soon on the official stand of the Chinese government towards assisting PNG.
“At our operational level, we take these immediate measures. We wish to work with the Madang provincial government and the provincial health authority, all government agencies including Immigration and Citizenship Authority, National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority, Immigration and Health Departments to address the epidemic,” Wang said.

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