Firm to start Hela project

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 CABINET recently approved more than K80 million for a construction company to build the Hela administration buildings.

Acting Prime Minister Leo Dion said the National Executive Council endorsed the contract to Curtain Bros (PNG) Ltd for the construction of the two buildings and a commercial centre in Tari.

He said the buildings were a high priority project for Hela.

“It is to be the provincial headquarters for the resource-rich province. The buildings will be built in Tari, which is the capital of Hela and will accommodate the governor’s office, the provincial administration, its public servants and other statutory bodies to carry out their tasks and responsibilities to deliver services to the people.

“Furthermore, this high impact project will also house some important offices that will assist in the operations of the PNG LNG projects.”

Dion said the commercial centre building would be used for banking and postal services.