Firm trains staff to stop violence

National, Normal

The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 APART from supporting infrastructure and economic development, PNG Power is supporting the campaign to end domestic violence.

PNG Power paid Aila Consulting Ltd K9,000 to run a workshop on family violence with the theme “1,000 strong men against family violence”.

The workshop was held in Port Moresby on Oct 5 and was attended by more than 50 participants from government and non-government organisations.

PNG Power chief executive officer John Tangit said it was a family company that ensured that family welfare was important.

He said in many cases, men were blamed for domestic violence but everyone must understand themselves better to bring changes to the family.

“The husband and wife must not point fingers at each other,” Tangit said.

“They must not blame alcohol, money and jealousy as the cause of violence. 

“They must accept who they are and work together for the sake of their children and family.”

ACL managing director and facilitator Eddie Aila said the workshop was to empower men to reduce family violence.

Aila said it was the consulting firm’s ambition to empower 1,000 men before Dec 31 by empowering other men, who will go on to empower othermen and continue on.