Firm urges safe use of appliances

National, Normal

The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 PNG Power Ltd (PPL) says people should buy Papua New Guinea standard electrical appliances to avoid damage to them caused by power blackouts and surges.

PNG has adopted the Australia and New Zealand standard, it said in a statement.

It was standard that all appliances, before they passed out at the end of the assembly lines in the factories, went through compulsory stringent electrical safety checks, the power company said.

“One of the tests involves putting the item under low and high voltage tests. 

“This is a simulation of the appliance being exposed to extreme voltages outside of its rated levels. All electrical or electronic appliances must be rated at 240 volts. 

“As power system voltages are not always on a steady operating voltage, appliances when manufactured are tested to operate within a safe voltage operating range, in this case, its 6% above or below 240 volts.”

PPL said it had very little control over the import of electrical goods that was flooding shops and business houses in the country. 

“A lot of these products are entering PNG from China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.”

PPL said while the Asian white goods were cheaper, they did have safety hazard issues.

“PNG consumers seem to have the tendency to purchase items based on cost rather than quality.

“PPL through its approvals section, tests and certifies all electrical appliances for compliance to the standards. 

“This team regularly visits shops and suppliers of electrical goods to ensure what is sold on the shelves are compliant to standard and suitable for sale. 

“It looks after the entire country and in their efforts to control prohibited electrical appliances, they are fighting a losing battle.”

PPL said it needed support from the Department of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Chamber of Commerce, Customs, Independent Consumer and Competition Commission, Internal Revenue Commission, National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology, suppliers and consumers to counter the sale of prohibited items.