Firms face scrutiny

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 THE Port Moresby General Hospital emergency department says less than 20% of people transported to the emergency room use the St John’s ambulance service. 

Chief physician Dr Sam Yockopua said most of the emergency cases were taken to hospital by private and public transport. 

“Because of this, no pre-hospital care is given, and some of the preventable deaths and disabilities occur along the way,” he said. 

“It is true to say that pre-hospital care provided in Port Moresby is inadequate which demands the need for more services.

“The only place that is capable of providing full capacity emergency services is the Port Moresby General Hospital that has five specialist emergency physicians with over 20 doctors who are trained in emergency medicine including specialist emergency nurses.

“On behalf of the National Health Department I will visit all private medical facilities and urban clinics to assess their level of care and capabilities in the provision of emergency services. 

“Those that are not capable will be instructed not to mislead people in their advertisements and public notices. 

“Private health care providers should not intentionally attract patients under the guise of providing proper or full emergency services when they are either unqualified or unable to do so.”