Firms hailed for helping schools


AN education official in Morobe has commended businesses in the province for taking an active role in supporting schools.
Morobe secondary school inspector Gibson Dom yesterday said businesshouses were sponsoring prizes for grade 12 students and made many other inputs to schools which encouraged learning throughout the year.
“Such partnership is fundamental to learning processes and improvements, that will have positive impacts on students’ learning,” Dom said.
Some schools are also partnering with businesses for the supply of learning equipment.
This year, Grace Memorial Secondary School in Bulolo, which had a good partnership with businesshouses, had infrastructure developed.
One was a new clinic co-funded by the school administration and the Wau-Bulolo Urban local level government.
It opened this year.
School principal Zukua Koito said that in the past two years, the school has funded six teachers’ houses and would establish more partnerships
to drive their infrastructure development initiative.
He said the school’s next project would be the boys’ dormitories which would be funded by the six local level governments in Bulolo.