Firms pay K60,000 over death

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The National, Tuesday July 30th, 2013


Kuima Security and R D Fishing paid K60,000 over the weekend to relatives of a youth from Nobnob killed over the weekend.

A spokesman for the security company who did not want to be named said seven security guards who had been on night shift at the time the youth died had been questioned by police and three of them were still in custody.

The spokesman said the circumstances surrounding the death had yet to be determined by the courts.

He said the death took place outside the canning company’s premises and should be sorted outside instead of relatives demanding compensation.

“While we await the court process, these locals are rushing their demands with threats issued and as such we have paid K20,000, while R D put K60,000, with K10,000 as the initial bel-kol money and the rest later,” he said.

District administrator Lawrence Pitor, who was the spokesman for the group, said the manner in which the youth was killed was uncalled for.

Police had said the youth was killed at around 3am last Saturday in bushes outside the cannery after security guards chased two youths who were allegedly drunk and swearing at the guards on duty.

The guards had claimed the two youths had used a sling shots to fire objects at them.

Kuima Security has been temporarily laid off from the site, with a local security company, Savalon taking over.